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We push beyond the norms. Challenge conventional thinking. Build consensus. Deliver value. At Traverse, we create vital, meaningful landscapes that foster community and address the critical issues that impact people’s lives and the environment.

Traverse Midwest Landscape Architects

Enhancing lives, strengthening communities, and deepening people’s connections to nature and the places where they live, work, and play. At Traverse, we believe in the power of landscape to do all that and more. Our design, site planning, and placemaking expertise helps us deliver value through creative solutions and innovative approaches.

We work from a position of empathy fostering connections between people and place. Our participatory process bring clients, community groups, and stakeholders together to create new and reimagined spaces that inspire, delight, and heal. We address the vital issues that impact people’s lives today: climate change, sea level rise, lack of open space.

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About Us

Justin Robertshaw

Justin Robertshaw


Justin Robertshaw believes that every project has the opportunity to be greater than the sum of its parts. Having worked on a wide variety of sports, education and public recreation projects, his satisfaction comes from bringing together these diverse project types to create inspiring places for the people and communities they serve. 

Justin is a project manager and Landscape Architect with over ten years of experience. He holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University and currently works with clients from pre-design through construction on their projects, ensuring attention to detail and continuity for clients.

Justin came to Traverse Landscape Architects in 2016 with the goal of helping the company become a recognized a leader in the design of sports and recreation facilities. Justin’s portfolio of work includes education, public recreation, and collegiate recreation and sports facilities across the country. His approach is defined by his ability to problem solve and develop integrated solutions that achieve the unique objectives of each client and contribute to the vitality of the broader community. Justin has applied his expertise and design sensitivity to a wide variety of project types to create award-winning parks, education and athletic facilities.

When not spending time in the office, Justin enjoys spending time with his family and friends, bike riding, playing golf, cooking and trying new recipes, being outdoors, and enjoying the opportunities that Cedar Rapids has to offer.